Academic Studies

Dr. Hakan Yaman is Professor and former Chairman of the Department of Family Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Akdeniz in Antalya, Turkey. He is specialized in Family Medicine and a clinical trainer. Dr. Yaman provides clinical services in outpatients clinics of Akdeniz University and his research interests are primarily focused on the preventive care of elderly people in Turkey.

Dr. Hakan YAMAN has a strong background on travel medicine and injury prevention. He published articles on migration/tourist health in international peer-reviewed journals and gave lectures in international conferences (WONCA) on prevention of travel injuries and travel medicine in elderly tourists. He worked at different EU funded studies on injury prevention and safety promotion (EUropean NEtwork for Safety among Elderly (EUNESE) (Grant Agreement: 2003316): development and action planning for Injury Control and Safety Promotion among Senior Citizens by 27 organisations in 19 countries. EU Health and Consumer Protection Directorate-General. 2004-2008., Injury Prevention Working Party (IP-WP), DG Sanco, EC (Member) (Grant agreement no. 2003313), 2005-2007., Injury Database Pilot Implementation, DG Sanco, EC (Grant agreement no. 2005104), 2008.), European Emergency Data-based System for Information on, Detection and Analysis of Risks and Threats to Health – SIDARTHa, Public Health Executive Agency, EC (Grant agreement no. 20072008), 2008-2011 and coordinated the establishment of the first WHO designated “Safe Community” in Turkey (Safe Community Kepez) in 2011. He co-authored the “WHO Age-Friendly PHC Toolkit” in 2008 and is promoting this toolkit in his academic work and worked on a pliot implementation of “Aging-Friendly City” in Döşemealtı, Antalya, Turkey in 2014.
After serving almost 20 years at different Universities as an academician and Full-Professor, he works and teaches privately in Antalya. He is interested in complementary medicine and holds the certificates of acupuncture, phytotherapy, hirudotherapy, and Mesotherapy awarded by the Turkish Ministry of Health.
He is a devoted scuba diver and holds a three star CMAS Brevet/Certificate and is a deputy trainer of the Turkish Sports for All Federation.


Turkish: Native Language
English: Speaking (High Proficiency), Reading (High Proficiency),
Listening (High Proficiency), Writing (High Proficiency)
German: Speaking (High Proficiency), Reading (High Proficiency),
Listening (High Proficiency), Writing (High Proficiency)


GSM: 0090 536 320 99 33

Scientific Editorial Activities:
BMC Family Practice, Associate Editor
Cochrane Collaboration, Acute Respiratory İnfections Group, Consumer and Communication Group, Reviewer
Rural and Remote Health, International Electronic Journal of Rural Remote Health Research, Education, Practice and Policy, Deakin University, Australia, (Member of Editorial Board)
Mental Health in Family Medicine, UK (Member of Editorial Board) 2008- 2015.
Case Reports in Medicine, (Member of Editorial Board)
International Journal of Family Medicine, (Member of Editorial Board)
OA Family Medicine
Open Sports Medicine Journal, Bentham Press (Member of Advisory Editorial Board), 2008- 2015

Memberships in Networks/ Organisations:
Turkish Society of Family Physicians
WONCA, SIG Elderly Care, Convener 2008- 2015.
WONCA Working Party of Mental Health, 2005-cont.
WONCA, SIG Migration Health (Former Travel Medicine), Member
International Federation of Primary Care Research Networks (IFPCRN)
European Academy of General Practice Teachers
European General Practice Research Network

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